Once your furniture order is completed, you have the option to pick-up your order at our facility or have your order shipped. Orders within our delivery region are shipped on our trucks with our delivery team. Orders outside of our delivery region are shipped via 3rd party carrier.

Picking Up Your Furniture:

Once your furniture order is completed, you will be notified that it is ready to be picked up. Your furniture will be disassembled as much as possible prior to your arrival for easier transportation. The furniture is handcrafted and is not boxed or crated; please bring blankets, straps or other packing material along with you so that your furniture can be transported safely to your home. When you come to pick up your furniture, come to the front desk of the showroom where you purchased your furniture (either Shipshewana Furniture or Traditions), and we will process your paperwork and show you where to pull your vehicle to load the furniture.

Regional Deliveries on Our Trucks:

Our primary days for delivery are Tuesday through Friday. Deliveries can take up to 3 weeks after completion of your furniture order. We will contact you several days in advance to arrange the date and specific time for your furniture delivery. You are welcome to request a specific range of days for delivery, but please note that we cannot guarantee a specific day, as orders are grouped together for delivery by region.

Your delivery fee includes bringing the furniture into your home and setting it up for you. It is your responsibility to make sure your pieces can safely fit into the room you desire it to be placed. Stairways, doorways, and hallways must be large enough for our expert delivery staff to safely pass through and turn corners. If there is not ample space in your stairway, doorway, or hallway for our delivery staff to maneuver your pieces, you will be asked to sign a waiver the day of delivery. We are not liable for any damage to walls, trim, floors, corners, or furniture as a result of inadequate space to maneuver. We ask that you remove all potential obstacles (pictures, furniture, decor, etc.) prior to the arrival of our delivery staff. We also ask that you have a space ready for the furniture and have any old furniture moved prior to our arrival. The delivery fee does not include removal of other furniture.

Long-Distance Deliveries Via 3rd Party Carriers:

Our 3rd party carriers specialize in packing and shipping large, fragile, and high value merchandise. Our carriers will contact you directly when your furniture is en route to set up a delivery date and time. 3rd party carrier delivery can add 4-6 weeks (depending on location) after completion of your order. While we do our best to make sure the items coming to you are in good condition (the way they left our warehouse) in-transit accidents can happen. If you have any concerns about the pieces being delivered, please make the delivery person aware BEFORE they leave your home.

Curbside Delivery:

For curbside delivery, you must have someone present at delivery for unloading the furniture off the end of the truck. Additional people may be necessary depending on the size of the pieces being delivered. A lift gate may be available at additional cost, depending on the company and on the type of truck. You will be responsible to unpack the items and move them into your home.

Inside Delivery:

For inside delivery, your furniture will be carried inside to the room requested and set up or assembled as needed.


There are no returns or refunds on made-to-order furniture items.