Why Buy Amish Furniture?

When considering why Amish-crafted furniture is a worthwhile investment, it helps to be aware of some basic facts. The Amish have a rich heritage and are widely known for their craftsmanship. Amish furniture is usually built in farm-based workshops by individuals or small teams of craftsmen. The manufacturers are small or medium enterprises, each putting a unique stamp of quality on their product. Solid wood, and dovetail construction are what you will find in our hand-crafted furniture. In a throw-away society where so many products on the market are considered to be disposable, our heirloom quality, Amish-crafted furniture is built to last, and meant to be enjoyed from one generation to the next.

Why Shipshewana Furniture Co?

While some retailers will use the term "Amish furniture" loosely, we take that classification very seriously. About 95% of the Amish furniture at the Shipshewana Furniture Co. is made within 15 miles of our showroom; and we are very selective of the builders we use. Because our workshops are less automated than typical manufacturers, we can better respond to highly specific customer requests. We are a family-owned business, and we take great care in providing our customers with personal service, and a consultative approach. You won't find any pushy sales people here - just people who care about walking with you through the process and helping you choose the pieces that are best for you.

What Makes Us So Different Than Other Websites That Sell Amish Furniture?

Two words... "the process." There are many other websites out there who market and sell Amish-made furniture, but the truth is that many of them are no more than an office with a computer and a phone. They often do not have a retail showroom. In fact, many of them never even lay hands on or put eyes on the furniture they sell to you. Our process is different because our showroom is located within 15 miles of our Amish workshops. We personally inspect each piece of furniture before it ever leaves our doors. For us, it's personal - not only because that's what you expect and pay for, but because it's the right thing to do. We are Shipshewana Furniture Co.