Wood Furniture Care and Mainenance FAQ

Some practical info on our wood Amish Furniture.

Can wood still move if it was kiln dried and properly finished?

Yes, wood is a product of nature and is a living organism and can "breathe". Wood that is kiln dired to 6% (industry standard) can take in moisture up to levels of 12% if placed in a high humidity environment. For further research on this please read this document from Purdue: The Shrinking and Swelling of Wood and Its Effect on Furniture.

Which wood is best?

We have many hardwoods to choose from including rustics, live edge, and reclaimed woods. Some have a long flowing grain, while others have a shorter grain. Some woods (i.e. Brown Maple and Hickory) show a greater degree of stain variation than others. Some woods are harder than others (see our wood hardness page) and are better suited for high-traffic areas of the home. Some woods will darken more quickly than others when exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight. With each wood, you have a choice of stain color.