Amish-Made Means Quality

About 95% of the Amish furniture at the Shipshewana Furniture Co. is made right here in Northern Indiana - most within ten miles of our showroom. The phrase "Amish furniture" can refer either to the furniture's manufacturer or the style. When considering why Amish-made furniture is a worthwhile investment, it helps to be aware of some basic facts.

Who are the Amish?

The word "Amish" refers to a Christian religious group. Amish tradition has a rich heritage in farming and craftsmanship. The simple Amish lifestyle includes a strong emphasis on family and community, strict adherence to church doctrine and avoidance of many modern conveniences.

Crafting Amish Furniture

Amish furniture is usually built in farm-based workshops by individuals or small teams of craftsmen. The manufacturers are small or medium enterprises, each putting a unique stamp of quality on their product. The furniture is then marketed using modern warehouses, distributors and retailers. Because the workshops are less automated than typical manufacturers, they can better respond to highly specific customer requests.

Selecting Amish Furniture

Your selection of furniture starts with researching the quality of the finished product. Check for solid wood versus veneered pressboard. Other manufacturers, such as those in the wider industry, may not offer a "solid wood" option at all. Read carefully, because some drawer bottoms or shelf backs may not be solid wood. Amish builders run their business with quality and integrity, and their products reflect that. Amish crafted hardwood furniture is a smart investment in the long-term value of your home.